A modern love story with YSL ‘Mon Paris’ #vlog3

Just before we left for our Italian road trip last month, Frederic and me headed to Paris to discover Yves Saint Laurent latest perfume. ‘Mon Paris’ captures the spirit of an intense love affair that makes you lose your senses.
An electrifying, floral smelling fragrance revealing the rush of modern passion in the city of lights.

“…I have chosen your name for this perfume, because none is more beautiful. Because I love you. My Paris.”
Yves Saint Laurent

The woman who wears Mon Paris is expressive, intense and free from constraints, just like Paris. The precious liquid comes in an iconic YSL perfume bottle and urges you to seize the moment, transcend the present and prepare to fall head over heels into the arms of a passionate love.
And that’s exactly what I did.

We celebrated the launch of Mon Paris at the rooftop of Centre Pompidou with Catherine Deneuve and Anthony Kiedis dancing on the beats of Lily Wood & The Prick (listen below to my favourite song).
Too bad I didn’t catch that for my vlog 🙂

Mon Paris by YSL is for sale at the fragrance store for 75,90€ (50ml)




Emma Gelaude Mon Paris Ysl 7

Emma Gelaude Mon Paris Ysl 3

Emma Gelaude Mon Paris Ysl 4

Emma Gelaude Mon Paris Ysl 1

Emma Gelaude Mon Paris Ysl 6

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