How To Create Impact w/ Your Style

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How To Create Impact w/ Your Style

How To Create Impact w/ Your Style

How To Create Impact w/ Your Style

How To Create Impact w/ Your Style

How To Create Impact w/ Your Style

How To Create Impact w/ Your Style

How To Create Impact w/ Your Style

In 2010 I wrote Impact, a book on how to make your style -which has a very profound impact on your own mental state as well as others’– work to your advantage. It’s also about how to convey the right image to the people you present yourself to.

Ever since becoming self-employed at 21 my life has been a string of crucial business/power moments, ranging from pitching campaigns to meeting prospects, and from attending meetings to giving presentations.

Impact Cover3 D Lowres

As on each of these occations I needed to look the part and the right look was always my vantage point.


It gave me that inner boost that I not only needed, but that I had full control over. And there are very specific items that create self-confidence.

A blazer is one of them, which is why it’s an absolute must-have in every wardrobe.
Tightly fitting clothing is also a very efficient power-enhancer, as well as high heels, a sleek hairdo (like a flawless ponytail or perfectly brushed hair) and subdued or basic colours.

Make sure to wear a statement accessory as it explicitly visually defines your strength. And last but not least: an ambassador of perfection cannot afford to slouch.
Carry your style with impeccable conviction.


ST Studio blazer (similar below)
Pinko blouse
Zara ripped jeans (similar below)
Alexander McQueen gladiators
Hermès belt
Céline glasses from B-Optiek Latem
Zara scarf (similar below)

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