How To Wear Cropped Tops Chic

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How To Wear Cropped Tops Chic

How To Wear Cropped Tops Chic

How To Wear Cropped Tops Chic

How To Wear Cropped Tops Chic

How To Wear Cropped Tops Chic

How To Wear Cropped Tops Chic

How To Wear Cropped Tops Chic

Emma Gelaude Cropped Top 22
Wearing a Zara top & skirt with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, a Cartier bracelet, the #LoveLife necklace by Diamanti Per Tutti (buy here) and the Carlina sunglasses from Chloé. Nails done by Beautyspot in De Pinte.

Cropped tops fit in nicely with the seventies or nineties trend depending on the design.
They give you a very feminine silhouette providing they are worn correctly, if not they can make you look juvenile or even vulgar.
It happens often that during EMMA Personal Styling sessions my clients ask me: “Who on earth can wear short tops?”.
The question is not so much who can wear them, but how they need to be worn. Because if you match them well, everyone can wear a cropped top.

Here’s what you need to know:


They younger you are the more belly you can show, and the lower you can wear your waist


Choose high waisted trousers or skirts, preferably even a pencil skirt which will make you look ultra-feminine.
If you’re into wide legged trousers, great!
They are back and absolutely perfect for this look.


Are you not entirely comfortable wearing a high waist (a high waisted skinny is particularly merciless)
then elegantly drape a loose trench or kimono over it.


Two-piece suits (cropped top + pants/skirt) are always a good idea. I have never regretted buying the entire outfit as having a matching bottom somehow always comes in handy.
Obviously nothing says you need to wear them àlways as an ensemble.


Cropped tops make your boobs look bigger.
Just so you know.


Create a standard length by combining cropped tops with a loose shirt or blouse underneath.
Mind you, this won’t work if the cropped top has an elastic hem or if it is too fitted.

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