The Adventure Of A Lifetime

It’s hard to put into words how becoming a mother impacted me. Pregnancy is a two-way street. It’s a bustling avenue with a whole new set of emotions coming straight at you from all sides. You have conversations with someone you have yet to meet. A little person that is as much part of you, as the many dreams you cherish for yourself.

I wonder, how did you prepare yourself for motherhood?


I am very proud to be a mother, but I am also the first to admit that it shakes you.  Simple things like looking in the mirror or shopping for clothes, require an entirely different set of eyes. You think in terms ofcomfort and convenience when purchasing a car, or furniture. You adapt your sport routine. You eat differently. All because your body is making a baby.

That’s why also YOU need an equal amount of nurturing. ‘Cause when you are pregnant or give breast, you can contribute to the optimal development of your child through the right food & nutritional supplements making sure all the necessary vitamins & minerals are provided.

Taking Omnibionta Pronatal throughout my pregnancy gave me something less to worry about. I knew I was being taken care of, and that my child would only benefit from the support I was giving myself.

Motherhood is about dealing with a crusade of question marks.
It’s a trip. A trapeze act that makes you grab on to whatever gives you a sense of stability.
There might not be a manual, but there are things you can definitely hold on to. A deeply rooted belief in a life-changing outcomethat will bring out the best in you for instance, and the support of your loved-ones.

All new beginnings tend to pull the rug from under your feet. As a mother you learn to find the beauty in what lies underneath, as you scratch the surface of something that is (still) hard to put into words. But then again: the best things in life usually are.

I wonder, how did you prepare yourself for motherhood?

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