What’s Your Power Color?

A power colour is the stylish equivalent of a safety blanket. It’s the shade we love the most and rely on as we exit our comfort zones: a protective shield that makes us feel totally in control.

What’s mine? On at least seven out of then occasions, I will end up wearing something black. Why? Because it’s simple and you never can go wrong with this hue.
And I love the no non-sense vibe that it conveys.
So don’t know what to wear? An item in your power color is always your perfect plan b.


Emma Gelaude 2016 Mon Paris 2My advice is to find out which colour makes you thrive and then invest in a couple of power items that will give you precisely the right amount of mental oomph when you need to sign, seal and deliver.
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I asked 3 power ladies for their all time favourite colour. Which hue gives these women an instant empowerment?


Elfi De Bruyn
ELFI DE BRUYN Author, creative stylist & magic maker on www.GlamAtHeart.com

“I’m a true colour addict. Not just one colour but I love to.. grab the entire rainbow if possible. Spark is my middle name and combining several colourful & playful accents through my shoes or nails is really my thing. I prefer to literally draw myself from top to toe in colour. Cause if that is what makes me feel happy, bubbly and alive, that’s all that matters.”

Dcember Yayzine 05
NATHALIE DE SCHEPPER PR lady and blogger / story teller on Yayzine.com

“Everything from peach over powder pink will make my eyes twinkle! This is  my power colour-scheme because it’s so soft and feminine, yet it brings light to an outfit
and can really brighten up my day. It’s the more colourful and light-filled alternative
for camel and nude hues
for me. Wearing pink
in a “grown-up” manner
is my way
of showing the world
my female confidence and creativity.”

VIRGINIE MOROBE Shoe designer and all round cool chick from www.MorobeShoes.com

“Black is the most bewitching shade on the colour chart.
I love the way how black just highlights forms and fabrics.
And as shoes are the most important item to me, I prefer to wear clothes that don’t seek attention too much but leave the spotlight to the accessories.”


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