The Story of ‘My Fashion Blog’

Why Starting Belgium’s First Fashion Blog Was a Result of my Stubbornness.

My love story with fashion begins at a very early age.
From as long as I can remember I loved observing my grandmother Lily who worked her entire life in ‘haute couture’. It is she who passed on to me that deep passion for fabrics, designers, etc..

myfashionblog by emma gelaudeCombine that with a stubbornness equal to a mule (I’ve always known exactly what I want, so don’t try to confuse me and tell me otherwise :)) plus a profound interest in entrepreneurship. And you get someone who is destined to be her own boss. Also because there is just no other option for people like me. I TRIED to listen. But.I.Can’t.Follow.Stupid.Rules. That’s an EMMA fact. For example, at age 17, I got fired after only 2 days of working in a grocery shop (I hated this job) and 1 night of selling stupid lights on a festival was enough to make the decision myself that this wasn’t what I wanted to do. Not even at a young age. myfashionblog by emma gelaude
So starting up my own business, was the only right choice for me.
A dream to come true in October 2007 when I founded #teamEMMA specialized in the styling & production of fashion campaigns & events and EMMA Personal Styling, a premium personal shopping agency.
As I wanted to share all these styling experiences, 2007 also became the launch year of my digital platform MyFashionBlog.

I could never have imagined when I started writing blog posts that so many exciting things would come my way. I just wanted to spread my own fashion word. So I’m still grateful to my inner geek for having enough courage to take the deep plunge into the blogosphere.

Almost 10 years from the original launch seemed like the perfect symbolic moment for a whole new chapter, MFB evolves into
A completely refreshed fashion platform, designed & curated with utmost dedication.
So hop along and I hope my stories get you inspired for pursuing any of your dreams.

Ps: it’s on my to-do list to create something more around my story and that of other young enthusiastic entrepreneurs. If you got something to tell me or want to share your story, please comment below! I’d love to know and maybe we can work on something?

myfashionblog by emma gelaude

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