The Science of Love by Jean Paul Gaultier

The iconic perfumes ‘Le Mâle’ and ‘Classique’ have once again been reinvented. They willingly undress themselves to present yet another aspect of their many-layered personality. Keeping up with the times ànd setting the pace at the same moment.

It’s a couple created by Jean Paul Gaultier in the 90’s who have discovered a new cachet. A couple who will never grow bored of each other.
A couple who will never bore us. Fragrance’s most famous busts undergo a remix and their perfumes acquire a certain noblesse without losing an ounce of their legendary mischievous coquetterie. It’s the felicity of plenitude with none of its routine.


Discover the story of scent & love through Jean Paul Gaultier’s new perfume power couple.


Pictures by Luka Host

Is it really that silly, that we are all here to desire?
We are drawn to each other by our senses.
And many other things, some of which are deliciously unexplainable.
But is there such a thing as a scientific explanation to what happens when we decide “she/he is the one?”
According to research there is:
It is called ‘the science of love’

The idea that our choice of partners can be narrowed down to some kind of a universal formula, is a bit weird. The fact that it all boils down to hormones somewhat kills the notion of romance. On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for formulas, especially if whoever came up with them, has a nose for magic. Like Jean Paul Gaultier.


Psychologists say it takes between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to decide if you fancy someone. My advice would be to always look, and smell, the part.
Especially when a potential partner is on the prowl.

From the very beginning Classique, created by Daphné Bugey, revolved around three notes: ginger (top), orange blossom (middle) and vanilla (base). The ginger element was re-worked by making the spicy dimension lighter. Jasmine Sambac was added to the formula, a very particular orange note that appears as if from below. Like a surprise. Vanilla and chantilly provide succulence. Classique is both gourmand and irresistible – and now you know why.

Quentin Bisch, who created Le Mâle, says the formula is essentially sagebrush and cardamom, lavender and Costus vanilla for the animal base. The cardamom top note was kept, but a more wooden aspect was brought in to go along with the idea of Le Mâle being undressed, no longer hidden behind his sailors’ top. The result is an essence with an ultra chic soul.

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