How To Unlock Your Best Version?

Creating the best version of yourself by acing the basics. Confidence is key. Just as spending time on taking care of yourself.

estee lauder supreme skin
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I consider myself a skincare junkie.
Buying my first product in my late teens, it’s honestly never too soon (or too late) to start paying attention to your skin.

It’s a mantra I learned from my grand mother Lily, 85years and the most radiant face.
So I make sure my daily routine is filled with products that feed, refresh and energize. Especially since I have my baby girl in my life, days have become even more packed.
It’s crazy sometimes. 

And that’s why I need little miracle workers that unlock the best in me and make me look & feel good.


So when Estée Lauder approached me to create a video together, it just made sense.Their Revitalizing Supreme+ Creme Global Anti-Aging Cell Power is a personal favourite and an iconic product that nourishes like no other. When I use it, I put a bit on my cheeks, chin and forehead and spread it onto my face & neck. It absorbs super quickly and makes your skin feel radiant.



On days I don’t have meetings, events or photo shoots, I leave my skin make-up free with just this creme. The best feeling.


Estée Lauder came over last week and we recorded a short video on favourite mantra’s, incorporating me-time, morning routines and how to unlock the best in you.







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